About Yella

Yella, born Daniela Lopez,  is a Mexican-American, internationally celebrated artist from Midvale, Utah. Like most creatives, Yella's passion for the arts began as early as she could pick up a crayon Her creative drive kept her immersed in the arts all the way up to her college years. After spending time in Las Vegas & Los Angeles studying Design, Yella returned to her hometown determined to pursue her passion of artistry. 

A playful curiosity and infatuation for various mediums combined with an obsession of facial features ultimately began paving Yella's career path. If she was not primping a canvas, she was primping a face. Since 2012, Yella balanced her multi-faceted career as an evolving artist while simultaneously contributing her creativity to representing the global brand Chanel.  In January 2020, Yella joined the Louis Vuitton brand as resident artisan hand painter in Las Vegas, representing the luxury fashion house as 1 of 12 hand-selected Louis Vuitton artists in the United States.  

Yella's work is a reflection of her profound love for music, culture and sports  as well as the power they possess to connect and bring people together. Through her work, Yella hopes to inspire all creatives- especially our youth- to courageously fight for their dreams, fulfill their own expectations, break social and cultural barriers and blaze their own paths.  The world is yours.

Who is Yella?

The nickname was given by her parents as a child and has been used by those closest to her ever since. As she works, Daniela feels so close to each piece that it only feels right to sign & seal them as such.